Journey Along the Shores – Part 19 (All About the Trees)

Over the past several years, countless hours have been spent in the field and in meetings to assess the state of our tree population, and to chart a course forward toward making that population larger and significantly healthier. Our findings will not be a surprise to anyone who has taken the time to look closelyContinue reading “Journey Along the Shores – Part 19 (All About the Trees)”

Journey Along the Shores – Part 8 (More Tree Management)

In a previous Journey Along the Shores post, I shared our initial approach to managing the trees in our care.  A recent event prompted me to circle back to the subject. We have been working on establishing tall grass buffer areas and walking paths with the intention of planting trees to create native savannah.  OurContinue reading “Journey Along the Shores – Part 8 (More Tree Management)”

Journey Along the Shores – Part 5 (Tree Management)

Our tree management program has begun in earnest at Canal Shores.  Our strategy, which is built up on the Wide Open Spaces principle, is two-phased: 1.  Remove overgrowth and invasive species. 2.  Highlight remaining specimen trees while supplementing them modestly with conifer and deciduous species that we have selected for their beauty and native restorationContinue reading “Journey Along the Shores – Part 5 (Tree Management)”


“As beautiful as trees are, and as fond as you and I are of them, we still must not lose sight of the fact that there is a limited place for them in golf. We must not allow our sentiments to crowd out the real intent of a golf course, that of providing fair playingContinue reading “THE SWEET SOUND OF CHAINSAWS”