The story of the retrovation of Skokie Country Club, and the father of golf course restoration As the old saying goes, too many cooks in the kitchen spoil the broth. Typically, in design, the committee approach confirms the truth therein, with results that are watered down or lacking in continuity. As courses have evolved overContinue reading “RESPECT FOR PAST MASTERS AT SKOKIE”


Three men’s connection to the Onwentsia Club, and their shared path to excellence in golf and life Deep in the hearts of many men and women is the desire to do great things, and perhaps even leave a legacy. The obvious path to achievement is characterized by singleness of purpose and the willingness to trudgeContinue reading “LIVES IN BALANCE”

As Good As It Gets – Lost Dunes & The Dunes Club

Last season, I screwed up royally.  I have access to Lost Dunes, the Tom Doak gem in SW Michigan, and I did not go.  Pathetic, I know. Determined not to make the same mistake twice, I wrangled two Superintendent homies, Scott Vincent (Onwentsia) and Brian Palmer (Shoreacres) for a spring outing.  And since we wereContinue reading “As Good As It Gets – Lost Dunes & The Dunes Club”