Bandon Preserve Course Tour by Jon Cavalier


Bandon Dunes Resort, Bandon, OR – Bill Coore & Ben Crenshaw


Bandon Preserve sits on a nook of cliffside dunes between Bandon Trails to the East and Bandon Dunes to the north.  The setting for this little gem is spectacular — every hole has views of the cliffs and the ocean.  The course itself has everything a golfer could want from 150 yards and in (the longest hole from the back tee measures 147 yards) including shared greens, huge undulations, blind shots, ground game opportunities, and wind.


There isn’t much I can tell you about this collection of one-shot holes — the photos themselves do a better job than I could.  But I will tell you that anyone who misses out on playing the Preserve on a trip to Bandon Dunes is doing themselves a major disservice.  As with the Punchbowl, the Preserve is one of those elements that makes a trip to Bandon so special.  The uniqueness of a short course in such a beautiful setting; the opportunity to add to long travel day with a quick loop; the fun of plunking down a few wagers with your foursome (or fivesome, or eightsome – closest to the pin, anyone?); or perhaps best of all, a solo walk around these thirteen holes at dusk, with only your wedge, your putter and your thoughts of rounds played and rounds to come.


Hole 1 – 134 yards (back); 90 yards (front)

A player knows right from the start that Coore & Crenshaw treated this thirteen holer with the same love and care that they do each of their full size projects.


Hole 2 – 150 yards (back); 93 yards (front)

The second at Preserve is as good as any par-3 at the resort.


The view from behind the second.


Hole 3 – 87 yards (back); 65 yards (front)

This diminutive par-3 is the second-shortest hole at Preserve.


Hole 4 – 118 yards (back); 83 yards (front)

This gorgeous hole starts a three hole stretch which takes the player down across the property to the edge of the dunes.


The fourth shares its green with the seventh hole, with the putting surface as a large “L” shape.  This view is of the long side of the “L” used by the fourth hole.


The full green.


Hole 5 – 142 yards (back); 95 yards (front)

A gorgeous hole.  Putting from the tee is an option here.


Hole 6 – 131 yards (back); 77 yards (front)

The sixth is benched into the side of the dunes bordering the property . . .


. . . and provides some of the best views at Preserve.


Hole 7 – 147 yards (back); 119 yards (front)

The longest hole at Preserve, the seventh can play entirely blind, depending on which section of teeing area the player chooses.


A side view of the seventh green.


Hole 8 – 63 yards (back); 40 yards (front)

The shortest hole at Preserve plays to a tiny punchbowl green.


This hole must see more aces than any other at the Resort.


Hole 9 – 134 yards (back); 88 yards (front)

Perhaps the prettiest hole at Preserve, the ninth plays directly toward the ocean and the endless field of gorse below.


The ninth also boasts one of the most contoured greens at Preserve.


Hole 10 – 120 yards (back); 93 yards (front)

The tenth plays to a green fronted by a large mound which obscures a sizable section of the putting surface.


The view from the mouth of the tenth.


Hole 11 – 142 yards (back); 95 yards (front)

The eleventh plays along the edge of the property and begins the return to the clubhouse.


The views to the left of the eleventh are breathtaking — the lone tree near the sixteenth green at Bandon Dunes is center here.


Hole 12 – 132 yards (back); 108 yards (front)

Two framing bunkers short right and short left guard the mouth of the punchbowl-like twelfth green.


As seen in this photo from behind the twelfth green, shots played up the right side will carom on to the large green.


Hole 13 – 109 yards (back); 75 yards (front)

If you’ve never hit a 100 yard approach to a green with your putter, this is your chance.  All downhill and fronted by a rolling downslope leading to the mouth of the green, a well-struck putt from the tee will leave a birdie opportunity.


Just make sure you avoid the bunkers.


I cannot speak highly enough of the Preserve.  If I lived near it, I would play it every day.  And if you make the trip to Bandon, I strongly urge you to make time to play this little thirteen hole gem – you’ll regret it if you don’t.






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