New Year’s Shift

Having a day-at-a-time paradigm, the whole New Year’s thing doesn’t typically do it for me.  It has been a long time since I made a New Year’s resolution.  My wife’s enthusiasm for the holiday is influencing me this year, and even though there are still no resolutions forthcoming, I do feel compelled to share a shift I am making for 2015.

Upon reflection, last year was particularly challenging.  It was over-full, chaotic, and grindy at many times.  In my golf game, my work, and my life, I spent more time trying to make it happen than I did showing up with my best and letting it happen.  In my experience, that approach rarely yields the best results and often leads to burnout.

Toward the end of the year, I felt a shift taking place that I am carrying over into this year – in golf, in work, and in life.

I first noticed the shift in my off-season golf practice.  Focus on the game plan my coach gave me increased.  As my fitness and mechanics improve, my swing is beginning to feel natural and authentic.  I have stripped away mental clutter.  My strengths are engaged and powerful, on-target shots seem to be flowing through me. The experience has both a quality of a glimpse of the best of my past and the even higher potential for my future.

Therein lies my 2015 shift.  No more tight-gripped pressing to make it all happen through force of will.  Instead in this year, amidst the fullness and challenge of golf and life, I will keep a simple focus on my strengths and let my best performance flow.  Should be an exciting year.




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