Community Links Champion – An Interview with Architect Andy Staples

Hobbs, NM is on my bucket list for golf adventure.  I’ll explain.  That is where Andy Staples created a source of inspiration for anyone associated with the Community Golf Revival in America at a course called Rockwind Community Links.  I became aware of Andy’s work while doing research for Canal Shores.  On a brief phoneContinue reading “Community Links Champion – An Interview with Architect Andy Staples”

The Revival – Community Golf in America

There is a movement afoot.  Across the country, from Goat Hill to the Schoolhouse Nine, from Sharp Park to Winter Park, there are a growing number of community golf projects getting attention and serious support. I have experienced the vibe of this movement first-hand as I work with folks from the game and my fellowContinue reading “The Revival – Community Golf in America”

Geek’s Guide to Golf Course Research

“How did you find out about that course?” That is a question that I commonly get from golf buddies who haven’t gone quite as far down the rabbit hole as I have.  The short answer is, “I poked around and came across it.” The long answer is that I would rather spend my time researchingContinue reading “Geek’s Guide to Golf Course Research”