12th Hole, Punta Espada Golf Club

12th at Punta Espada Golf Club

This is such a wonderful golf course and one of my favorites to not only photograph, but to play as well. it’s absolutely beautiful. I think it’s one of Jack Nicklaus’ best designs and definitely the best golf course in the carribbean. This particular morning we took off just after sunrise in a Robinson44 helicopter from the top of that cliff you see in the distance and went directly to the 12th and 13th hole of Punta Espada Golf Club. I was torn between which hole and which vantage point to photograph these two spectacular golf holes. When I shoot from a helicopter the doors are off and I have headphones on so I can speak with the pilot. I had him circle both holes at various altitudes, especially the 12th which was so photogenic from all sides. I love this perspective for the light, the different colors and textures and the fact that you can see the 13th hole in the background. When you are playing the par 5 12th hole and reach the green the view towards the 13th hole is so inviting and spectacular. This photo also appeared in the Jack Nicklaus Golf Calendar in 2103.

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