So Long Kohler

For several years now, a spring gathering of golf geeks has taken place in Kohler, WI.  We drive up, play 36 holes, and drive home.  It is a gloriously exhausting day with a great group of guys on courses I enjoy – and I don’t think I’m ever going back. Here’s why.  This year, weContinue reading “So Long Kohler”

Whippoorwill Club Tour by Jon Cavalier

WHIPPOORWILL CLUB – A COURSE TOUR & APPRECIATION Armonk, NY – Charles Banks Whippoorwill, in my view, is one of the most underrated clubs in the United States.  I played Whippoorwill in the fall, and I found the course to have a distinct flavor, and one worth the time to display. As you’ll see in theseContinue reading “Whippoorwill Club Tour by Jon Cavalier”

The Next 99 – Scott Pavalko & Jim Urbina at Bob O’Link

This post was a long time in the making.  Like Bob O’Link’s architectural history – first with Ross, then with Alison, and now with Urbina – it involves intertwined threads. Growing up on the North Shore and caddying at Old Elm Club, I was aware of Bob O’Link, but had never seen or played it. Continue reading “The Next 99 – Scott Pavalko & Jim Urbina at Bob O’Link”


Sand Hills Golf Club was more a myth than a real place for me.  Located in Nebraska, Coore & Crenshaw’s modern masterpiece sparked a golf architecture renaissance that has fueled my passion for the subject, and the game itself.  I had heard stories that one could write a polite letter to Sand Hills’s owner, Mr.Continue reading “THE MAN, THE MYTH – KYLE HEGLAND & SAND HILLS”

Desert Forest Daydreaming

This post started as a cure for the winter blues.  My business travels usually take me to Scottsdale in December, affording an opportunity to see my favorite desert golf course – Desert Forest.  No such luck in 2017, and I found myself missing it greatly. My first visit to Desert Forest was with Dan Moore,Continue reading “Desert Forest Daydreaming”


First things first – there is no such thing as objectivity when it comes to assessing the greatness of a golf course.  And objectivity in ranking one golf course’s greatness versus another?  Please.   Fortunately though when it comes to having good geeky fun with your buddies talking golf courses, objectivity is irrelevant.  What isContinue reading “MUSINGS ON GREATNESS”

LinksGems 2017 Year in Review

One of the many reasons that my 2017 was great was that I had the pleasure of teeing it up again again with Jon Cavalier.  Of the many reasons why Jon’s 2017 was so great are the courses below, and the photos he captured.  Jon recently referred to this season as “solid”.  I’ll add oneContinue reading “LinksGems 2017 Year in Review”


How was this created?  The more great golf holes and courses I saw, the more frequently that question popped into my head.  So began my journey down the rabbit hole of golf course architecture.  Routing, contours, grass lines, hazards, greens.  The history, the architects, the clubs.  The deeper I go, the more fascinated I become.Continue reading “DOWN THE RABBIT HOLE OF GOLF ARCHITECTURE”


To paraphrase something I heard Jim Urbina say, a golf course is a living thing, and will therefore evolve.  I find the evolution fascinating, particularly when illustrated in pictures. Every geek loves Jon Cavalier’s photos (@linksgems), and recently, Simon Haines (@hainsey76) has been adding a twist by piggybacking historical photos of some of the holes,Continue reading “NOW & THEN – GREAT HOLES THROUGH THE YEARS”


Following is an index of posts which chronicle my geeky study of golf courses and attendant adventures. I am no journalist, but I do my best to share the experience of spending time at these special places, as well as give insights into their history and design. Part expression of gratitude for the generosity of myContinue reading “EMBARRASSMENT OF RICHES”