These are a Few of My Favorite Things

Meditation, gardening and golf have commonalities that draw me to them. Over coffee, a friend was recently telling me about his new meditation practice.  He had experienced moments of real peace and quiet in his mind, and he was excited about continuing forward.  Having meditated over the years of my recovery, I felt the sameContinue reading “These are a Few of My Favorite Things”

Making It Right Is Alright With Me

Having been a leader of sales and customer service teams for years, I accept that no company services its customers perfectly all the time.  Certain situations are complicated and certain customers are difficult to please.  And to top it off, we all have moments and make mistakes.  Therefore, maintaining a standard of perfect service thatContinue reading “Making It Right Is Alright With Me”

End of Season Wrap-up

This weekend was the final session of the season with my coach, Scott Baines. We took some time to recap progress made, and to discuss work to be done during the offseason.  2014 was the second year of my work with Scott.  We have “mastery” goals focused on my full swing, wedge and short game,Continue reading “End of Season Wrap-up”

From Putt Putt to Punchbowl – Remembering the Point of the Game

It’s easy to forget the object of the game of golf. It’s not perfect mechanics.  It’s not 300 yard drives.  It’s not money, FedEx points, trophies, or the latest greatest equipment.  It’s not handicap indexes to playing from the tips.  Every one of these things is a part of today’s golf, but none of themContinue reading “From Putt Putt to Punchbowl – Remembering the Point of the Game”

A slip of the mind, and it slipped through my fingers.

I’m standing on the 17th tee at Kingsley Club, with one of my biggest golf goals in hand – I am 1-under and just two holes away from breaking par for the first time since I was 18. The thought of achieving that milestone, as well as telling my coach about it, crossed my mindContinue reading “A slip of the mind, and it slipped through my fingers.”