Garden City GC Tour by Jon Cavalier

GARDEN CITY GOLF CLUB – A COURSE TOUR & APPRECIATION Devereux Emmet, Walter Travis – Garden City, NY Editor’s Note:  I don’t usually interject myself and my opinions into Jon’s course tours.  They are so well done, that they don’t need any meddling from me.  Jon originally posted these photos of Garden City as aContinue reading “Garden City GC Tour by Jon Cavalier”

Field of Dreams – Peter Imber & Quogue Field Club

Benjamin Litman’s GolfClubAtlas article Timeless Golf at Quoque Field Club was a key contributor to the beginning of my love affair with 9-holers.  I wasn’t sure about how exactly to pronounce the name (it is “kwahg”, by the way), but I was absolutely certain that I wanted to play the course.  The chance to experience QuogueContinue reading “Field of Dreams – Peter Imber & Quogue Field Club”

Journey Along the Shores – Part 17 (14th Hole Bunker Rebuild)

While the planning process continues to unfold, we are on the lookout for little ways to make the course more interesting and fun.  The golf geeks were itching for a creative bunker project to finish off the year, and we found one on the 14th. With help from our volunteers and support from local Superintendents,Continue reading “Journey Along the Shores – Part 17 (14th Hole Bunker Rebuild)”