Journey Along the Shores – Part 16 (Super Changes)

There is only one constant in life – change.  Life at Canal Shores is no different.  The course continues to evolve, as do our plans for its future.  This season, those plans changed when we learned that our team was not going to be the same.  Tom Tully, our Superintendent, decided to relocate to Colorado.Continue reading “Journey Along the Shores – Part 16 (Super Changes)”

Old Town Club Tour by Jon Cavalier

OLD TOWN CLUB – A COURSE TOUR & APPRECIATION Winston-Salem, NC – Perry Maxwell Old Town Club in Winston-Salem, NC is a 1939 Perry Maxwell original bordering the campus of Wake Forest University.  I had the great pleasure of playing several rounds at OTC on a perfect early-November day.  And while I am a fewContinue reading “Old Town Club Tour by Jon Cavalier”